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A Better Life in the Second Act

This site is the online home of one guy's personal quest to reengineer his everything and build a better life.

This is a long-term project, something that I expect to be updated for many years to come, though honestly not always that often. But even if there are long gaps between posts, it doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned the project. Much more likely that I’m busy elsewhere, in a funk, or something else like that. 

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Topical Posts

I don’t really have an appropriate picture for this post, so here, play find-the-cat instead

Discarding Socks and Suits Alike

This morning, I put about ten pairs of socks in the trash. These were all still in OK shape, but filled a role for which I no longer have any use. Since changing jobs, I no longer have any need to dress in a business casual style, so a sizeable chunk of my wardrobe has sat untouched for months.

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Daily Thoughts

Daily(ish) posts on whatever I’m thinking about on a given day.

Two pair of scissors I’ve recently restored

Daily Thoughts for 2021-06-25 Friday

Many miscellaneous things today. At work now, and I’m writing this while my students do their homework. It’s strangely quiet in here for what is usually a pretty rowdy group of elementary school kids.

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The spectacular floof that is Tora

Daily Thoughts 2021-04-26 Monday

Failure! This is one way to describe my weekend, at least from the perspective of getting anything useful done. I had an ambitious to-do list for Saturday and Sunday, and accomplished almost nothing. Hell, I didn’t even start most of the things.

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This past year it’s been all headphones and masks

Daily Thoughts 2021-04-23 Friday

Skipped Thursday’s daily post because I just wasn’t feeling it. Writing Friday’s daily post in brief spurts during downtime in the teaching day, so I’ll try something new and do most of this post through bullet points.

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This cat!

Daily Thoughts 2021-04-20 Tuesday

Today, simply this: when we feel stuck, like we don’t know what to do next or why or how, often it’s not that we’re actually stuck in any practical way. Instead, we’re often stuck emotionally.

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